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We're not just in the insurance business. We're in your business.

At Propel, we make it our business to know your world inside and out. With decades of industry-specific experience, we bring our clients a real-world understanding of the challenges they face.

But there’s more to Propel than an educated perspective. Our clients say it’s our commitment to thinking outside the box that sets us apart. Finding innovative ways to help them grow their business. Never taking no for an answer. It’s an entrepreneurial drive that comes naturally to us as a company that’s been independently owned since 1923.

Formerly Bratrud Middleton, Propel has grown to become the largest privately-held insurance agency in the Northwest. We were founded in Tacoma, Washington, and our headquarters are still there. As the company has grown, we’ve added a network of branch offices and now employ more than 200 employees throughout the region. We’re recognized as a leader in providing innovative insurance and consulting solutions, and are proud of the long-standing partnerships we’ve developed with many of the nation’s leading carriers. That translates into a competitive edge for our clients.

With more than 80 years of experience, we’ve learned first-hand what it takes to build and sustain a successful business. And we parlay that knowledge and focus into creating success for our clients.

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