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Vacation Rental Insurance

Are you having a tough time finding coverage for your vacation rental? Let our Vacation Rental Insurance specialists assess your needs and create a customized plan for you.

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Propel has teamed up with the National Vacation Rental Association to provide a comprehensive Property and Liability Insurance Program for homes, condos and cabins used as short-term vacation rentals.

  • Designed for short-term rentals only
  • Same-day quotes
  • Property Managers covered
  • Available nationwide
  • Online application

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Wondering if you’ve got the right insurance solution? Here are some questions to ask yourself (and your broker).

  1. Does my existing Homeowner’s Policy cover my vacation property?
  2. Does my current Homeowners Policy cover my liability exposure arising from renting my home to others on a short term basis?
  1. If I have a property loss, will my insurance company deny my claim because the home is being rented to others on a short term basis?
  2. If I have a covered loss, does my current policy reimburse me for lost business income while my home is being repaired?

Want answers? We’re here.

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If you would like to request a free quote, please click here for our online application.

Wondering if you have the right coverage?

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