John Horcher
Sales Executive

columbia, SC


John is a dedicated professional with 8 years of experience in the insurance industry, specializing in Senior Care. His extensive knowledge and expertise in this niche field are a testament to his commitment to providing exceptional service. For John and his team, the cornerstone of their approach is building long-term trust with clients.

John’s inspiration for pursuing this profession is deeply rooted in his history of working in the Senior Care space since 2006. His previous experience in sales for a medical supply distributor has allowed his knowledge and expertise to seamlessly align with the industry standards, making him a valuable asset in this specialized field.

Outside of his professional life, John enjoys spending time with his daughter, maintaining an active lifestyle, indulging in his love for sports, and embarking on exciting travel adventures.

On Propel

“The most important thing Propel provides to its clients is collaboration and reliability – ensuring that each client receives the utmost support and guidance in the complex world of insurance.”