Ken Jackson
Sales Director

Portland, OR

Professional Expertise

With more than 20 years experience working on the carrier side as well as the broker side, Ken brings a wealth of workers’ comp knowledge to the table. As the Workers’ Compensation Practice Leader at Propel, Ken oversees the direction, growth of Propel’s Workers’ Compensation plans and services.

Understanding what’s at stake

“With worker’s compensation, a company’s exposure units aren’t its products. It’s the people,” Ken explains. “So that makes it a very personal issue, as well as a personnel issue. Yes, the company’s productivity is impacted when there’s a loss, but so is the employee’s livelihood. We work to develop programs that work well for everyone involved, getting the company back to normal quickly, and when possible, providing other ways for the employee to stay involved in the organization.”

On knowing the territory

“Every state has its own benefit levels, rating, and filing requirements. Our team is focused on understanding the complexities of each of those jurisdictions where our clients do business.”