Mike Simpson
Vice President of Technology Services

Tacoma, WA

Focus On Client Experience

Although this is his first go-around directly working in the insurance industry, Mike’s expertise in technical program management and IT operations give him the knowledge and experience to best serve his team and Propel clients. At the heart of every technological decision, the customers are the number one consideration. Mike believes that Propel’s basis for digital transformation is the focus on the client experience, and alignment with insurance solutions that makes Propel more effective at serving clients.

Mike began his career in technology because of his desire for continuous learning, and because there is no other discipline moving faster or further than technology. He admits that the best place to be is at the intersection between people, process, and technology to solve problems together with business leaders.

When his family isn’t keeping him busy, he enjoys playing golf and spending his time in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

The Right Solutions

“Propel is more than just a source of insurance expertise, it is an insurance partner determined to always grow our understanding of clients’ unique needs, to innovate how we provide the best service, and deliver the right solutions.”