unrelentingly unconventional

At Propel, we make it our business to know your world inside and out. Our deep, industry-specific experience gives us a real-world understanding of the challenges our clients face. Together with our long-standing partnerships with top carriers, we create customized, innovative insurance programs that give clients a competitive edge.

9% Annual Growth

Why Propel?

Industry expertise

We’re not just in the insurance business. We’re in your business. With decades of industry-specific experience, our professionals know your world inside and out. We speak your language and understand what’s on the line for you. That deep insight and educated perspective is a game-changer for our clients.

Collaboration first

We know the best solutions don’t come from a single person or department. That’s why Propel works as a team — insurance advisors and risk managers collaborating with claims experts, administrative support and more. Working together unlocks smart, innovative solutions that help our clients’ coverage work harder.

Partnerships with leading carriers

As one of the leading insurance brokers in the nation, we’ve built strong relationships with many of the country’s top carriers. These partnerships allow us to create customized insurance programs for our clients, including specialized coverage that may not be available elsewhere.