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Cybercrime is among the biggest threats facing businesses today, fueled in part by new digital platforms and changes in the workplace. Learn more about how businesses are preparing.

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Protection from Hackers: Computer Fraud and Cyber Liability Insurance Work from Home Scams and Computer Fraud Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in a Data Breach Situation CyberSmart™ Cyber Liability Insurance from Propel

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Propel Insights

My Health My Data Act

A new chapter in Washington state’s regulation of health data went into effect April 1, 2024. This new regulation was determined as [...]

Change Healthcare Impacted by Cybersecurity Event

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has acknowledged an incident occurring in late February 2024. Change HealthCare, a unit [...]

Adding ID Theft and Personal Cyber Coverage to Your Homeowners Policy

Hackers and scammers are after your money and your personal information. In addition to staying vigilant and following cybersecurity best practices, consider [...]

Cyber Liability Risk Management 101

With the number of commercial Cyber Liability claims starting to outpace auto and property claims, you may be wondering if your business [...]

Webinar – Next Global Crisis: A Cyber Pandemic | July 28, 2022

Next Global Crisis – A Cyber Pandemic | July 28, 2022 Our team will be working alongside INSUREtrust to discuss cybercrime, trends [...]

Managing Cyber Risks Associated with Increase in Remote Workforce

Now that employees have gotten used to working from home, many never want to return to the office. A recent survey from [...]

Could Your Company’s Systems Be Held for Ransom?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and this year, the stakes are especially high. Many companies have had to switch to [...]

Cyber Exclusions to Watch While Working Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to transition to remote work. This is a scenario you probably did not expect, and [...]

Why Should You Teach Your Employees About Cyber Security?

In 2017, the Payroll Account Manager of Scotty’s Brewhouse in Indianapolis received an email from someone claiming to be the company’s CEO. [...]

Is My Business At-Risk Of A Cyber-Attack?

Examining The Need For Cyber-Liability Coverage Cyber-attacks and data breaches have continued to rise in frequency and severity over the last several [...]

Propel Cyber Security Alert

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Publishes New HHS Cyber Security Guidelines – 5 Questions Answered

Cyber Update – Summer 2018

The information security and the methods and goals of computer hackers are constantly evolving, and likewise Cyber Liability Insurance must adjust to [...]