risk management

Safety and productivity go hand in hand. Propel’s risk management professionals can work with you to help your organization achieve both.

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29 Full-time Claims Advocates


Assessing your company’s risks including existing risk management and safety programs

Analyzing your losses, claim history and trends

Installing safety compliance measures

Assisting with crisis management planning and disaster preparedness

Developing customized training programs specific to your industry needs

Providing guidance on policy development

Providing ongoing program evaluation and results analysis

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Making a Case for Crisis Planning

Car manufacturers hit with allegations of improper emissions testing, restaurant chains reeling from contamination and virus outbreaks, police departments facing claims of [...]

Keys to Effective Risk Management

Every element of business operations, from major decisions and new ventures to routine tasks, contain risk. To develop the best possible risk [...]

The Best Risk Management Services

The best risk management services offer a level of expertise and strategic consulting that deliver value to clients over and above traditional brokerage [...]