disaster preparedness

A natural disaster can knock a business out of commission for days, weeks or even longer. Take time now to identify the risks you face from a natural disaster, and to plan and prepare. Being proactive can help ensure you have the information and resources you need – and that your business can be back up and operational as soon as possible.

$280B+ Cost of uninsured losses from natural disasters (2008-2014 in the United States)

How to Prepare for a Natural disaster

  • For senior care organizations, know your disaster risk, assess what could happen defined by a recent vulnerability assessment especially if operating in a new area or new state. For covered entities this is required annually.
  • Review the disaster plan to confirm all partnerships are still valid for evacuation, shelter in place and mass casualty.
  • Confirm your disaster, evacuation and sheltering in place drills are current.
  • Outline a crisis management team at all levels with alternates assuring a backup for team members who can always be counted on.
  • Make sure your communication plan includes secondary paths of internal and external communication if the primary is disrupted.
  • Create a detailed list of vetted vendors for service reliability, repair, and damage mitigation.
  • For senior care organizations, update the acuity level of population and inventory mobility aides. Consider customization needs of population.
  • Familiarize your key team members on the claims reporting procedures.
  • Know how and where to notify any required government agencies.

What to do if a Natural disaster Occurs

  • Control the situation, restrict access except for emergency travel and emergency personnel and those you determine critical to the situation.
  • Assess the immediate need to evacuate or shelter in place.
  • Determine the number of injured persons or fatalities, extent of injuries if applicable, and keep list of hospitals of intake if more than one.
  • Plan moves based on triage of injured, dangerous situations within and outside of the community.
  • Designate the employee who will be the spokesperson for outside inquiries.
  • Capture by photograph physical damage only if possible.
  • If physical plant damage, only mitigate continued structural damage if possible.
  • Notify your Propel agent, account manager, or claims advocate.
  • Notify government agencies if applicable.

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