David Nicoletta
Sales Executive

Atlanta, GA

Growing With His Clients

Graduating from the University of Mississippi with degrees in Risk Management, Insurance, and Managerial Finance, David was inspired to pursue a profession in insurance because he believes this industry is a true difference-maker across all sectors. He appreciates having the ability to play a role in so many different clients’ success, not only in the present but also in the future.

David is a hard-working, detail-oriented individual and brings a high level of energy to everything he does. Being a younger producer in the insurance industry, David has the luxury of being able to grow alongside clients for many years to come.

David enjoys spending time with family and friends. He believes relationships are essential, and he takes full advantage of any opportunity he gets to be with those closest to him. David is also interested in health and spending time in the gym, playing tennis and golf.

On Propel

“Propel provides clients with a local team with unmatched, national solutions to cater to many industries. On top of that, we aim to build relationships that go beyond insurance and truly aim to ensure company-wide success for all our clients.”