Janette Pittman
Director of L&D and Small Business

tacoma, wa


Janette brings a wealth of experience to the insurance industry, with an impressive 24-year career, including 20 dedicated years at Propel. Janette is an integral part of Propel’s Small Business Team, a group of licensed professionals deeply connected to their clients and communities. She and her team are unwavering in their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and utilizing efficient and effective methods that leave small business owners feeling valued and truly understood.

Outside of her professional life, Janette enjoys spending quality time with her children and grandchildren, exploring new destinations through travel, indulging in shopping, and immersing herself in the beauty of the natural world.

On Propel

“Propel offers clients a holistic package encompassing peace of mind, unwavering dedication to their core principles, an efficient business process, and a sincere emphasis on nurturing enduring connections.”