Kurt Carlson
Managing Partner, Propel Insurance | Managing Director NW, Alera group

Tacoma, WA

Creativity and Powerful Solutions Live Here

Kurt is responsible for the overall operations and business affairs as Managing Partner at Propel.

Kurt is especially proud of the agency’s legacy of curiosity, creativity, and growth.

“People are our greatest strength. Our goal has always been to attract and retain the most motivated and entrepreneurial teammates — professionals who are committed to providing innovative solutions to our incredible clients each day.”

On Helping Clients Find Their Momentum

“We see ourselves as educators and facilitators,” Kurt explains. “That means we listen more than we talk and think of our clients first, second and always. Doing the right thing for a client means the insurance design is about them, not us. We believe the best outcome for any customer is that they understand their plan design.”

On What Makes Propel Better

“We have a business owner’s mindset. Propel loves to listen, learn, and deliver. We are a company of specialists, not generalists. Our relationships with insurance carriers are unparalleled nationwide. Propel experiences many of the same business challenges our clients are dealing with which challenges us to relate to your concerns more directly. Ultimately, I’m confident our shared experiences make us a better business partner to our clients.”