Marci Berger
Client Executive



With 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Marci specializes in Commercial Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, and Construction. Marci’s profound comprehension of risk management and industry regulations, cultivated from her upbringing in an insurance family where both parents specialized—one in claims and the other in surety—equips her with the confidence to adeptly navigate intricate challenges.

Marci values unity and collaboration within her team, fostering a familial atmosphere where clients always find support. She prioritizes honesty and dedication, offering dependable services suited to each unique business.

Outside of work, Marci enjoys sports and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her son, reveling in its diverse landscapes throughout the seasons.

On Propel

“At Propel, honesty and dedication are paramount. We prioritize dependable solutions tailored to each unique business, avoiding promises of cost-cutting measures in favor of reliability.”