Max Hanley
Sales Executive

Tacoma, WA

Professional Expertise

Dedicated to keeping his clients well-informed. Commercial Insurance focused on contracting, environmental and some foreign operations

Max on Providing Leading-Edge Solutions

“We maintain very strong relationships with the markets to understand what they’re doing and how they’re reacting, and then take that information to our clients,” explains Max. “One of the real advantages of working at Propel is that we are over 200 employees who work very well and closely together. With numerous brokers interacting with a wide range of industries, underwriters and carriers we’re able to keep well ahead of the curve in terms of industry developments.”

What Clients Say About Max

“In working with Max, I’ve found that he’s very creative and doesn’t accept no for an answer. If there’s any issue, he won’t stop turning over rocks until he’s found a solution for us.”