Sales Executive



Megan brings 13 years of expertise within the insurance industry, spanning roles in Health Savings Account technology, benefits administration, mental health services, and benefits navigation solutions. Her expertise lies in devising innovative strategies to address clients’ challenges across the benefits ecosystem. Megan and her team bring enthusiasm and partnership to every client interaction, revitalizing the benefits experience and guiding clients toward long-term success through tailored solutions.

Recognized as the 2019 EBA Rising Star in Advising, Megan is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in her field. Outside of work, she treasures time with her family – husband Eric, and children Reagan and Luke – and enjoys activities like OrangeTheory, book club discussions, and socializing with friends, all while embracing the enriching experiences of travel.

On Propel

“Propel has a culture built on collaboration, fostering strong partnerships not only with our clients but also amongst ourselves.”