Mitchell Kamm
Sales Executive

Atlanta, GA

Navigating Insurance with Integrity

Mitchell brings over 4 ½ years of comprehensive experience in the insurance industry, specializing in the dynamic field of commercial trucking insurance. His dedication to this niche area has allowed him to adeptly navigate its intricacies, presenting innovative solutions to his clients. Mitchell and his team embody a core principle of unwavering integrity, consistently showcasing their creative problem-solving abilities to clients.

Mitchell’s entry into the insurance profession was somewhat serendipitous, but it quickly transformed into a passion as he discovered his aptitude for the work and excelled within the industry. His expertise was recognized through top company awards at his previous employer, demonstrating his commitment to excellence.

Mitchell embraces a diverse range of interests in his spare time, including going to the gym, enjoying rounds of golf, spending time with his dogs, and cooking.

On Propel

“Propel’s primary offering to its clients is transparency, complemented by an abundance of resources and unparalleled customer service.”