Pat Flynn
Sales Executive

Seattle, WA

Ahead of the Game

Pat Flynn has managed risks for transportation as well as moving and storage clients for more than two decades. In that time Pat has developed an understanding of the challenges clients face like few other professionals in the country. This knowledge helps Pat stay one, and sometimes two, steps ahead of the game. “I understand their business and language. This enables me to act as their risk manager and allow our clients to focus on their business.”

Professional Expertise

  • Developing solutions that cover clients for the standard, as well as the not-so-obvious industry specific risks.
  • An intimate knowledge of local, federal and international regulations, as well as the nuances of compliance.
  • Longstanding relationships with a network of trusted insurance partners around the globe.

What Clients Say About Pat

“Pat is truly recognized by our industry as a knowledgeable leader of the unique needs of moving and storage companies… He’s responsive and resourceful—and he’s versatile in that he manages the high-level relationship with our company but when we have an issue, he can get into the guts of it and really work the problem.”