Reed Fickling III
Sales Executive

columbia, SC

Guiding His Clients

Working in the insurance industry for over 54 years, Reed began his career in insurance with the Insurance Company of North America (INA) in Charlotte, NC as a commercial casualty insurance underwriter. Reed decided to pursue the insurance industry after taking a few insurance courses at UNC, before graduating in 1967. Since 1978, Reed has specialized in construction insurance with a focus on accounts large enough to be insured under large loss deductible or retrospective rating programs.

His team takes the complexity out of insurance. They guide their clients through the maze and help them understand what will make them more desirable to multiple insurance markets, resulting in a lower long term cost of insurance. In his spare time, Reed enjoys fishing, for largemouth bass, hiking, remodeling houses, cooking, grilling, and golfing.

On Propel

“Propel has access to multiple insurance markets, which allows us to find an insurance market for our clients that best fits their needs.”