Sasha Peranteau
Sales Executive


leveraging his expertise

Bringing six years of experience within the insurance industry, Sasha offers expertise honed from his tenure at an insurance carrier specializing in non-profits, real estate, and education sectors. His unique insight into carrier operations enables him to effectively guide clients in presenting themselves optimally within the industry landscape.

Sasha and his team operate cohesively, driven by a relentless pursuit of solutions to benefit their clients. Inspired by the opportunity to connect with diverse individuals and contribute to their business growth, Sasha transitioned from the carrier side to agency work. He thrives on meeting new people and understanding their journeys, leveraging his experience to empower businesses at a closer, more personal level.

In his spare time, Sasha enjoys traveling, golfing, and adventure sports. As a fan of the Kraken, he also enjoys cheering on his local team during hockey games.

On Propel

“At Propel, we’re committed to delivering top-quality service, industry-leading expertise, and fostering a success-minded organization.”