Steve Marinkovich
Sales Executive

Seattle, WA

Professional Expertise

Recreation Products; General Manufacturing and Distribution.

“Recreation is such an exciting space to work in. Some of our clients are newcomers to the industry. Others are recognized category leaders. Their challenges are totally different, but wherever they are, our team has what it takes to help them thrive and grow.”

On Going Global

“Every business is global these days. Parts for a client’s product may be manufactured in one country, transported to an assembly line someplace else, then shipped to a distribution center on another continent. And every country has its own insurance regulations. That’s where our team’s expertise comes in.”

Driven by Our Clients’ Innovation

“We tend to work with go-for-it companies. Their innovation drives ours. When a client creates a new product or technology, or a new way of manufacturing something, we’re on it to create a new kind of risk protection. The same old cookie cutter coverage just won’t cut it.”