Sue Greer
Sales Executive

Tacoma, WA

In-Depth Expertise

An industry veteran and Propel team leader, Sue is an expert in creating customized risk management solutions for high-net-worth individuals and their families.

Partner of Wealth Managers

As a trusted partner of many wealth managers, Sue is known for her ability to keep the assets of high-net-worth clients well-protected. “I enjoy working with wealth managers and taking the time to understand their clients’ needs. Often a client will need specialized coverage for their unique assets or life situations. At Propel, we can offer those premium coverage options that aren’t available elsewhere.”

What Clients Say About Sue

“Sue is awesome! We are very particular, and care about the details—and so does Sue. She is proactive and we never worry about being under-covered…. She only puts us with the best carriers, and claims resolution is stress-free. “