W.D. Morris, Jr.
Sales Coach, P&C Carolinas

columbia, SC

A skilled professional

With 26 years of experience in the insurance industry, W.D. has established himself as a skilled professional in Surety/Bonds and Construction. Together with his team, W.D. emphasizes a client-centric approach, focusing on understanding their needs and aiding in making profitable decisions.

W.D.’s inspiration to pursue this profession lies in the art of building relationships with clients and contributing to the growth of their businesses. He is actively involved in the Carolinas Surety Association, showcasing his commitment to professional affiliations. Outside of his professional life, W.D. enjoys various outdoor pursuits, including skiing, hunting, and fishing. Additionally, he cherishes the moments spent traveling with his wife and two sons.

On Propel

“The cornerstone of our client commitment is delivering excellence in service. This commitment underscores our team’s unwavering dedication to providing top-notch assistance.”