Got the right insurance for right now? 5 questions to ask yourself. And your broker.

As risks change, your insurance strategy should, too. That’s why having an insurance partner who can keep you protected at every step is more important than ever. If you’re wondering if you have the right insurance solutions for right now, talk through these questions with your broker. Don’t like the answers you get? Propel can give you better ones.

Businesses can face a range of vulnerabilities, including cybersecurity challenges, a transition in leadership, employee working and safety conditions and overall compliance with industry-specific laws and regulations.

Hopefully your broker has done an in-depth, objective risk assessment for your business and carefully explained your coverage options. At Propel, we make it our business to ensure clients have the information they need to make the best decision for their situation.

In the wake of the pandemic, many employers are expanding employee benefits, prioritizing those that workers consider most essential — like child and senior care benefits, work from home flexibility and expanded mental health support.

Propel works with leading companies across the country — and across a wide range of industries. Our deep industry knowledge — together with our deep-dive into each client’s specific business needs—allows us to ensure you have coverage to stay competitive.

Your insurance broker can be a valuable business partner. At Propel, we’re always watching for ways our clients’ insurance needs may change. We also advocate for them throughout any claims process. And we’re available to provide insight and guidance whenever it’s needed.

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