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Insurance Risks to Consider When Deciding Whether to Implement an Employer-Initiated Vaccination Policy

Leadership decisions impacting potential company liability have increased more than ever before, especially in the [...]

How Will COVID-19 Impact Workers’ Comp Pricing?

For millions of business owners, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a whole new set of [...]

How to Help Workers Manage Mental Health & Fatigue During the COVID Holiday Season

Even if they don’t say anything about it, your workers are probably going through a [...]

California’s Establishes New COVID-19 Requirements – and a $10,000 Fine

Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 1159 into law in California in September 2020. This new law expands [...]

Safety Considerations for Contractors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many businesses have temporarily closed because of COVID-19, but some construction operations continue. Safety has [...]

After 2 great years together, Cate-Russell is officially branding as Propel Insurance, an Alera Group company.