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Webinar – Are You Prepared for Mother Nature? | April 16, 2024

Is your business prepared for a natural disaster? This session covers crucial topics including loss [...]

Elopement Management Considerations

Elopement can be intentional, “I am going home” or unintentional, “I want to walk outside.” [...]

Cyber Liability Risk Management 101

With the number of commercial Cyber Liability claims starting to outpace auto and property claims, [...]

Incident Investigation: The How and Why of the What and Where

Completion of the incident report or report of an occurrence or incident is just the [...]

Proposed HIPAA Changes

Simplification for some often creates complication for many. A synopsis of the main points under [...]

Entrapment Risk And Side Rails

Entrapment risk is present in every level of care, even in the home setting. Basically, [...]

Patron Safety Precautions for Wineries and Craft Beverage Businesses

If you operate a winery, distillery, brewery or cidery, you want to show your patrons [...]

Oregon OSHA Adopts A Temporary Heat Illness Prevention Rule

Oregon OSHA has adopted a temporary Heat Illness Prevention standard effective July 8th, 2021 with additional [...]

Auto Insurance Alert: Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter thefts surged during 2020. The National Insurance Crime Bureau says that an average [...]

Managing Cyber Risks Associated with Increase in Remote Workforce

Now that employees have gotten used to working from home, many never want to return [...]