Flooding Risk Reality

Flooding Risk Reality

Did you know that flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the United States? Floods often occur where you least expect, causing destruction across regions nationwide, wiping out homes and businesses.

Losses from flooding are the most common losses incurred by property owners, with 87% of total losses absorbed by those without flood insurance. Western Growers cites 2013 losses from natural disasters in the United States in excess of $21.8 billion, with a staggering $9.1 billion being uninsured losses.

For those of us on the West Coast, seasonal rains increase November through April which raises the likelihood of flood conditions. This period of time alone can result in millions of dollars in damages each year. In 2013/2014, the West Coast had a combined total of 221 claims and $5.73 million in claim payments, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

So what are the primary causes of flooding?

  • Heavy rains, winter storms & spring thaws
  • Overburdened or clogged drainage systems
  • Construction and new development sites
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms

With so many different causes, how can residents and business owners prepare for flood conditions and their consequences?

  • Determine whether you are at high, moderate or low risk for flood
  • Place electrical boxes, outlets & heating equipment well above potential flood levels
  • Install floating drain plugs and sewer system backflow valves to help prevent flood drain overflow
  • Obtain flood insurance for your home & business

Flood insurance is offered to participating communities through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) – it is federally backed protection that can reimburse business property losses up to $500,000 as a result of a flood event.

To learn more about how to protect your home or business from flooding, talk with any of us at Propel.

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Jordan Shroyer