The Best Risk Management Services

The best risk management services offer a level of expertise and strategic consulting that deliver value to clients over and above traditional brokerage and claims reporting services.

The process starts with a clear understanding of your business so that solutions and services are developed and scaled to support your business goals and answer your needs and challenges.  This approach meets the widest possible range of needs and is unique in the insurance brokerage community.

Risk management services should include: 

Risk Assessment –  A broker should work with you to analyze your business, understand and prioritize the risks and exposures associated with your operations and goals, and help you identify the optimal strategies to manage those risks and minimize your total cost of risk.

Loss Experience & Trend Analysis – Your broker should perform a comprehensive analysis of your loss and claims history to identify exactly what is driving claims cost; this exposes where to invest your loss control and risk management efforts to most effectively reduce your claims frequency, severity and, ultimately, your Total Cost of Risk.

Risk Management/Safety Program Review – A more detailed look at how your risk management strategy should be incorporated into daily operations as well as a review and assessment of specific safety and risk management programs.  This provides an opportunity to learn your risk and safety program’s strengths wherein you obtain advice on specific ways your programs might be improved.

Consulting – Your broker should have the expertise and resources to assist you with those special risk management initiatives, projects and areas of concern that every business encounters from time to time.  Examples include:

  • OSHA Compliance Program Assistance
  • Early Return to Work (Injured Worker/Modified Duty) Program Assistance
  • Property Conservation and Fire Prevention/Protection Program Review
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Planning and Recovery

Training – Exceptional risk management services can design and deliver a variety of training programs for your managers or operations staff that meets your individual needs.   A few areas where your broker should offer client training resources and expertise:

  • Defensive Driver Awareness Training
  • Accident Investigation Training for Managers and Supervisors
  • Safety Committee Administration
  • Self-inspection Program Implementation and Management

Insurance Carrier Resource Management & Coordination

  • Does your broker help you understand and access the maximum benefit of the available loss control and safety services you already pay for through your insurance premium?
  • Does your broker assist you in complying with carrier recommendations or help you develop alternative proposals and timelines and negotiate with carriers when dealing with costly mandatory recommendations?

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