Jack Elliott
VP of Operations, SE & NW

atlanta, GA


With a wealth of experience spanning four decades in the insurance industry, Jack’s expertise encompasses a wide range of sectors, from microfilming insurance policies to managing Accounting, Audit, Compliance, Surplus Lines, Licensing, Management, Training, HR, and IT. Jack and his team care deeply about their clients and are strongly committed to their well-being.

Motivated by personal challenges in his adolescence, Jack embarked on an insurance career at the age of 15. Jack is actively engaged in several professional affiliations and holds certifications as a Certified Insurance Service Representative, Certified Insurance Counselor, and Certified Fraud Examiner. Jack’s industry contributions extend to serving on multiple boards.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jack dedicates his limited spare time to caring for his disabled sister. He is currently writing a book and also enjoys traveling, appreciating fine wine, and fostering meaningful connections with individuals.

On Propel

“The cornerstone of Propel’s commitment to clients lies in our unwavering dedication to service. In today’s dynamic landscape, it is the essence of our offering, recognizing that without exceptional service, insureds have the freedom to explore alternatives elsewhere.”