Protect Your Decision Makers

Protect your decision makers

Directors and Officers Liability insurance, or D&O coverage, is designed to protect a company’s decision-makers. And one of the biggest decisions a leadership team may face is whether to sell the company – and if so, when, to whom and for how much.

All questions shareholders will want answering, as well. What if they don’t like what they hear?

Let’s say your board of directors enters into an agreement to sell the company. A group of unhappy shareholders files claims, alleging the board didn’t work hard enough to determine an adequate selling price.

Your company —and each individual board member — is now liable – and none of this is covered under your General Liability policy. But with a smart D&O program, you have the coverage you need.

  • Protect company resources
  • Protect executives and their assets

Even if a claim is false, D&O coverage will protect company resources by paying for defense fees. A smart D&O program will also protect the personal assets of company leaders and board members.

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