Social Media Landmines

social media landmines

Most employers know the fastest way to learn about a job candidate is to look on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Almost instantly a hiring manager can find out about the applicant’s background, their social behavior – and even their opinions about previous employers.

It’s a complex situation, and it’s why Employment Practices Liability coverage is so important. This specialty coverage protects against losses stemming from claims of discrimination related to social media.

Discrimination claims stem from:

  • Accessing “protected class” information
  • Perceived rejection of applicants based on social media
  • Perceived firing based on social media

If a company accesses social media sites that have “protected class” information, it’s at risk for a discrimination claim.

The same is true if a job applicant believes they’ve been rejected based on what a company learns through social media.

And If an employee perceives they’ve lost their job because of posts or comments they’ve made online, they’re likely to file a claim that could cost the company significantly.

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