transportation case study

Making the right calls at the right time.

Propel’s depth of experience helps keep things moving, no matter what’s in store.


Propel’s client — a full-service moving company — handles a number of complex, international moves for residential families and individuals. When a fire during a move left a Thailand-bound family’s possessions badly smoke damaged, the company needed an experienced hand to help them work with the family and the building to set things on the right course again. Time was of the essence, as the family’s belongings had to be on an international freight carrier within 48 hours to avoid exorbitant import taxes.

“We get calls all the time from people wanting to quote on our insurance. But there are few that have the ability to really understand the various aspects of a moving and storage company’s insurance requirements like Propel… Because they stay on top of the industry and the market, we don’t have surprises… and really, that’s what enables us to keep doing what we do.”

G.B., Vice President / Propel's Transportation Client


Propel’s moving and storage professionals were able to quickly find the right vendors to assess damage, make repairs and/or replace critical possessions. The client’s high-end electronics required an evaluation from technicians with specific certifications, while fine art pieces had to be valued by an African antique specialist. By coordinating efforts in a short time-frame, and skillfully managing the diverse needs of the family, the building owners and three insurance companies, Propel experts ensured that no detail was overlooked — not only repairing damage to property, but to reputations as well.


By quickly and creatively resolving the issue of loss, Propel aided the family in moving past this inconvenience and helped their moving company client successfully navigate a complex, high-pressure situation.