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Every single truck driver and transportation professional enters the industry for their own reasons. However, you all have one thing in common, your dedication to perfecting your trade. Whether you’re digging through the load sheets to plan a haul for a driver trying to get home, fielding the innumerable issue that arise with drivers on the road, racing out to fix a truck broken down on the side of the freeway or dodging rookie drivers in the truck stop parking lot, you have enough on your hands. None of you entered the transportation industry to learn the ins and outs of commercial insurance. That is why partnering with the right Independent Insurance Agency is so important.

The Transportation Sector is facing more hurdles than ever before. The FMCSA is currently reviewing their regulations and looking into numerous changes, including changes to the hours of operation and changes to allow self-driving trucks on top of the new ELD requirements. While we cannot help you with these issues we can help you ensure your company is protected in the event of a loss and free up your time to tackle these more pressing issues.

By choosing to partner with Propel Insurance, you are choosing to partner with the largest Independent Insurance Agency in the Pacific Northwest. We bring the experience you need with transportation clients ranging from single truck owner operators to large fleet operations with hundreds of trucks and drivers. Our insurance professionals understand the risks and difficulties your company faces and strive to ensure that your insurance program does not become one of those difficulties. When you partner with Propel Insurance you are partnering with more than just an agent. You are partnering with an entire team dedicated to representing your needs in the insurance industry.

What can you expect from Propel Insurance? You can expect your Producer to customize your insurance program to fit your individual company’s needs. Your account manager will handle the day-to-day administration of your insurance program and our claims team will be by your side from the day you file your claim to the day you receive your check, answering any questions and ensuring that your claim does not stall. You can expect Propel Insurance to deliver that hometown touch that you enjoy while also providing the resources typically found only in the largest of national insurance brokerages.

If you have any questions regarding your current insurance program or what Propel Insurance can offer you, do not hesitate to call. While we are handling your insurance program you can put that hammer down and move that weight, safely of course.

Daniel Campbell

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