Avoid Disaster with Business Insurance

avoid disaster with business insurance

When you own your own business, it helps to be an optimist. But it’s also good to have people on your side who are thinking about worst-case scenarios.

Especially since many companies aren’t prepared to recover from a disaster. In fact, in a recent survey of 600 business owners, 84% didn’t have the insurance they would need to stay in business after a fire or natural disaster.

Like most business owners, you probably have insurance to repair or replace damaged property, but have you taken steps to protect your income, in case a disaster impacts your ability to do business?

Here are two important coverage’s to consider:

  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Extra Expense Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance covers lost revenue and operating expenses after a disaster.

Extra Expense Insurance covers additional costs you may incur, like setting up business in a temporary location.

Having to close down after a disaster puts you at risk of never being able to open your doors again. But thoughtful planning and adequate coverage can help keep your business safe.

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