Kurt Carlson Awarded Business Leader of The Year

kurt carlson awarded business leader of the year

We are very excited to announce that Propel President & CEO Kurt Carlson was awarded Business Leader of the Year Award presented by Milgard School of Business at University of Washington Tacoma.

In reviewing the 50 nominees for Business Leader of the Year Award, the Milgard School of Business considered the following in choosing their recipient; communication skills, quantitative Analysis, financial Skills, strategic thinking, ethics and business in society, global awareness, teamwork, technology, and professionalism.


Kurt standing alongside the other award recipients: (left to right) Henry Schatz, Liz Dunbar, Kurt Carlson, Ketul Patel.


Kurt joined Propel in 1989 and has served as a Commercial Sales Specialist, Sales Manager, Senior Vice President, and COO prior to being named CEO in 2007. As CEO, Kurt is responsible for the overall operations and business affairs of Propel Insurance.


As one of the Northwest’s largest independent agencies, Propel Insurance has built their business creating innovative solutions to even the toughest risk management challenges. Propel is recognized as a leader in providing innovative insurance solutions and is proud of the long-standing partnerships they’ve developed with many of the nation’s leading carriers. Kurt is especially proud of the agency’s legacy of independence.


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