Propel and Lighthouse Support Ocean Cleanup!

In 2020, Marine specialist Kathryn Noonan was approached by PMDP Marine Debris Project as a non-profit venture supported by one of our large marine environmental clients. PMDP was formed to support a contract that National Marine Fisheries and NOAA needed to fill removing debris in the Hawaiian islands.

Over the course of the last 2 years, PMDP has removed over 200,000 lbs of debris to date, freeing wildlife such as monk seals. In 2022, the entity grew including adding a small fleet of donated Zodiacs. Kathryn Noonan from Propel Insurance in Tacoma and Carly Sullivan from Lighthouse Group in Michigan partnered up to ensure that PMDP had the correct marine coverage in place to protect the workers and volunteers and could continue doing their excellent environmental work! We’re excited to support PMDP and keep their project moving forward.

To provide an insight into the good work that PMDP is doing, the team is currently two weeks into their first cleanup of the season and has now successfully removed 57,665 pounds of ghost nets from Maro Reef and off the shores of Laysan Island

Click Here to follow along with PMDP’s progress as they help clean up America’s oceans.

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